Advanced Restorative Dentistry

Advanced Restorative Dentistry

Complex restorative dental cases require an equally complex combination of skill, experience and training. Mirage Dental offers patients the benefit of years of experience and expertise in advanced restorative dentistry at our comfortable office.

Implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry requires a unique set of artistic and technical skills. Our expertise in this area is clearly evident in patient satisfaction and retention. Mirage Dental provides outstanding results with dental implants. Committed to offering our patients a complete array of dental treatment options, dental implants provide an excellent answer for patients who are uncomfortable with dentures. Whether you’ve lost one or more teeth, restorative implant dentistry at our office may be an excellent solution for you.

Dental implants at Mirage Dental are a more permanent way to fix and restore one’s smile. At Mirage Dental, we educate our patients on all of the options available to them when it comes to improving their dental health. The Dentists at Mirage Dental meets personally with each of our patients during an initial consultation and examination.

Implants function very much the same as natural teeth, and there is no discomfort from shifting, rubbing, and clicking as with removable dentures. By choosing dental implants, you are not restricting the foods you can eat or compromising your ability to chew, talk, and laugh as you would with a traditional denture.

The cost of dental implants at Mirage Dental depends on many variables; including the number of teeth being replaced and the type of implant being used. Complex restorative dental cases require an equally complex combination of skill, experience, and training. Your porcelain teeth will be crafted to the finest detail and highest quality, and they will give you the radiant, beautiful smile you deserve.

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Dental implants act as an anchor for replacement teeth. For stability and ease of use, there is no better solution for tooth loss than dental implants. Dental implants replicate the entire tooth including the crown and the root; thus, bone loss is kept to a minimum, healthy teeth are preserved and patients enjoy increased stability and confidence in eating and speaking.

Although we offer many restorative dentistry treatments for our patients, dentures remain a viable and cost-effective option for many people who have lost most or all of their teeth. The craft and expertise required to restore a patients dentition with dentures is a unique skillset that the dentists at Mirage Dental posses.

What are Dentures?
  • Dentures are removable dental appliances used to replace missing teeth.
  • Dentures can be made with acrylic resin, various types of metal or a combination of metal and acrylic resin.
  • Dentures can be attached to implants for better comfort when chewing. With implant supported dentures you never have to worry about loose or poor fitting dentures.



Dental crowns are used at Mirage Dental office to cover cracked, severely damaged, stained or chipped teeth or to hold dental bridges in place. Crowns, often referred to as ‘caps’, are tooth-shaped coverings made from porcelain, metal or a combination of materials. They are placed over the visible part of the tooth to add strength and improve appearance.  At Mirage Dental, we only place Porcelain Crowns due to their quality, strength, and esthetic values.

While there are several different types of dental bridges, the most commonly used bridge is a fixed bridge, which consists of a false tooth with crowns attached to either side. The bridge is used to fill a gap left by a missing tooth. The crowns are securely attached over the surrounding teeth and the false tooth fills the gap left by the missing tooth.

By the time people are in their 50’s and 60’s, we often see worn teeth, crowned teeth, defective leaking restorations, amalgam-silver fillings that are over 40 years old, failing root canals, abscessed teeth, cracked and stained teeth, and the most serious: severely worn teeth. Over time, wear diminishes the functional guidance of teeth, which can cause TMJ disharmony and pain.

People that do not go to the dentist regularly, only begin to notice problems with their teeth when symptoms occur, such as pain, compromised aesthetics, or perhaps even loose teeth. Problems that go on for many years without treatment, typically do not exhibit pain until the problem is serious and many times irreversible. Specifically, problems that could have been prevented with a dental prophylaxis or filling may now be an extraction, root canal, or crown. Also, by this time functional wear has occurred and teeth begin to chip, fracture, and fail.