New to Mirage Dental?

Mirage Dental Associates always welcomes new patients. In an attempt to streamline your visit to our office, our New Patient forms are available online. We want to make your visit as easy and enjoyable as possible, without any needless waiting. Please fill out the online forms before you come in for your appointment.

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For new patients with your first Exam, Cleaning, and X-rays


What Insurance does your office accept?

We accept PPO (Preferred-Provider Organization) insurances.  What this means for the patient is whether we are in-network or out-of network with your insurance, you may choose to be seen by our Dentists.  In limited cases, you may have no out-of network benefits. As a patient, this means we’d honor the insurance contract rate, they just wouldn’t reimburse for the procedures.  If you’d like to know exactly what your insurance covers please call our office, 720-733-3440, for a complimentary benefits check.  We have a team of insurance specialist ready to assist with your insurance inquiries.


Why would my provider recommend treatment that is not covered by my insurance?

Our insurance specialists file claims with dental insurance carriers as a courtesy to our patients.  Each plan is different, covers different procedures, and has different frequency limitations.  As we work to get the most out of your dental insurance benefits, we do not treatment plan or base our care on your insurance benefits.  The Dentists at Mirage will always treatment plan for our patients overall health.  We work for our patients, not the insurance providers.


I know that my insurance plan doesn’t go into effect until next month. Why won’t my dentist do my treatment today, but send in the claim next month so that the insurance will pay?

State laws regulate these issues. It is insurance fraud to change the dates of service on a claim. Both the patient and the dentist can be prosecuted.  We will never do this for anyone.  It is best to contact your insurance for an earlier start date or contact our patient coordinators, 720-733-3440, and see what the procedure will cost without insurance benefits.