Sidekick Magazine Feature

Dr. Michael Moroni and Mirage Dental Associates were recently recognized in Sidekick Magazine’s Winter Issue featuring our new facility. Sidekick Magazine is a leader in dental industry news, information, and technology. Read the excerpt from the article below. Click here to read the article in its entirety.

This Doctor Built His Practice from the Ground Up
Issue: Winter 2017

It took nearly 15 years, but in September of 2016, Dr. Michael Moroni moved into the dream dental practice he always wanted. Mirage Dental Associates in Castle Rock, Colorado, just outside of Denver, was a project three years in the making, and it was built to achieve some big goals.

Dr. Moroni—a general dentist and much sought-after speaker on CAD/CAM techniques—had long envisioned a dental practice with very specific attributes. First off, he wanted to offer a variety of dental specialties under one roof so that patients could receive care in a setting they were already comfortable with. Secondly, he needed a large enough space so that he and his four associates—Dr. Stephen Knox, Dr. Michael Lueck, Dr. Kevin Goles, and Dr. Mark Bentele—could effectively practice side-by-side in state-of-the-art operatories with uniform configurations. Additionally, he wanted onsite meeting and clinical space where he could offer educational classes and training.

Dr. Moroni’s new location is the answer to every one of those goals. The stand-alone building he constructed, which is across the street from his old office, offers 18,000 total square feet of space, with 12,000 sq. feet of that space being currently devoted to the practice. The space contains a whopping 34 operatories: 21 restorative treatment rooms, a training super-operatory, a five-chair orthodontic bay, four pediatric chairs, and three surgical suites. There are three Solaris sterilization centers—two on the main floor and another on the second floor—which are a must for such an expansive footprint. The practice is a triumph of layout and organization that smoothly flows patients from check-in to departure, as well as offering a stunning environment that surrounds everyone in a serene sense of luxury.